Picket Fencing


Picket Fences

Picket Fences are a beautiful style of fencing and give a very traditional feel to any home.

Made from the finest timber, our picket fences keep your property secure while also adding a decorative element. Although picket fencing costs a little more than other styles of fencing, you can be assured that we will take great care in constructing your fence to give you excellent value for your money.


Capped Picket Fences

While maintaining the attractiveness of picket fencing, a capping rail adds extra durability and increases the life span of your fence by a few years. If you’re interested in getting a capped picket fence please contact us for a free measure and quote.



Consider adding a letterbox to give your finished fence an extra bit of sparkle. We offer stylish letterboxes that fit your fence perfectly, while also fulfilling the important job of keeping your mail safe until you can get to it.